Parks and Rec – COVID-19 Updates

A few updates from Hiawatha Parks and Recreation:

  • Hiawatha Farmers Market will start on June 7th with the following stipulations:
    •  Space vendors every other stall to keep a safe distance.
    • All vendors will be required to wear a protective face covering.
    • Vendors will be asked to sanitize their booths often.
    • No sampling of food.
    • Only vendors will touch and distribute goods.
    • Encourage patrons to wear face masks when visiting the market and practice social distancing.
    • Only have one family member visit the market. This is not a place to gather but to get fresh food and redeem WIC.
  • Disc Golf Baskets will be placed back at Fay M. Clark Park on May 15th.
  • Session One of Adventure Camp has been canceled.
  • Session One of Tennis Lessons has been canceled.
  • Lids for Kids helmet giveaway will be rescheduled. Date yet to be determined.
  • All playground equipment continues to stay closed until further notice.
  • All public ball fields, tennis courts and basketball courts continue staying closed until further notice.
  • The seasonal opening of public restrooms in parks will be delayed until further notice.
  • All park trails are still open, please keep a social distance of six feet.

Hiawatha Parks and Recreation takes the safety of participants, spectators and staff into consideration when making these difficult decisions. Thank you for understanding as we navigate through COVID-19 and what that means for our events and programs.