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(The “Big image” is a still shot updated every 5 minutes normally, and every 1 minute during severe weather situations )

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Bucking the trend: Creating a vibrant town center

Sometimes fate more than stategic planning takes a hand in the direction of a community.
Legend has it that in 1950 Fay Clark called the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, fire department about a fire at his welding shop. The fire department, however, wouldn't cross the northern city boundary, Blairs Ferry Road.

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No Christmas Tree Pick-up
Hiawatha Becomes a KCRG TV9 CityCam Location
Iowa's Safest Cities - Hiawatha #7
Hiawatha Police Warn of Scams, Home Safety and Identity Theft.
Get Connected to City Hall via E-mail for Breaking News!
Do you want your baby-back, baby-back, baby-back ribs?
Parks Bathrooms Closed for Season
Bucking the trend: Creating a vibrant town center
Notice to Water Customers
DECEMBER 22 - Happy 75th Anniversary Madeline - Hiawatha Library
DECEMBER 24 - City Hall Closed
DECEMBER 31 - City Hall Closed
FEBRUARY 16 - City Hall Closed
APRIL 03 - City Hall Closed
MAY 25 - City Hall Closed
JULY 03 - City Hall Closed
SEPTEMBER 07 - City Hall Closed
NOVEMBER 26 - City Hall Closed
DECEMBER 24 - City Hall Closed