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Volunteer meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 17 at 6:00 pm.

Whether you are a prospective vendor or a participant, visit the Ragbrai website at, the one stop information hub for Ragbrai.

We are pleased to announce that Hiawatha will be an overnight stop during RAGBRAI 2015! RAGBRAI, the Biggest and Oldest bicycle touring event in the world.

Click here to view the RAGBRAI route map through Hiawatha.

Hiawatha will be the sixth stop of the week on Thursday, July 23rd. About 15,000 riders from across the country and even other continents will take a two wheel tour traveling 462 miles and nearly 16,000 feet of climbing. The 2015 ride falls in the middle of the road for difficulty, relative to past rides. The overnight towns stick slightly north of state center for five days dipping just south of Interstate 80. The riders will spend their overnights in Sioux City, Storm Lake, Fort Dodge, Eldora, Cedar Falls, Hiawatha and Iowa River Landing/Coralville before the ride ends in Davenport.
RAGBRAI has made one stop in Hiawatha throughout their travels in 2004. We are excited to show off the best that our community has to offer because so much has changed since then. This event will also give us an opportunity to see our community work together as a whole and when we do this, it will make for a successful RAGBRAI event. RAGBRAI additional benefits is the economic impact it will have on our community with thousands of visitors in our town all in one day.


Sewer Televising & Cleaning Press Release

The City of Hiawatha will begin a sewer inspection and cleaning project to evaluate a portion of the sanitary sewer system. This project is part of an ongoing effort to maintain the aging sewer infrastructure within the City and to identify potential sources of groundwater entering the system. The City has retained the services of Visu-Sewer, Inc. to complete the fieldwork on this project. You might notice their light blue trucks throughout your neighborhood in the coming weeks.

The sewer cleaning equipment utilizes water pressure to pull the dirt and debris from sewer mains to existing manholes in the street. The work Visu-Sewer will be doing will be within the street right-a-way and should only take a few hours per block. While they are working, you may hear gurgling sounds from your toilets or drains, this is normal. However, on homes which have inadequate or partially blocked drain vents, there is a possibility that toilets may bubble and splash water outside the bowl. Thus as a precaution for the next couple weeks, please take time to close all toilet lids to minimize risk to your home.

Project Location:       12th Avenue and bordering streets from  Blairs Ferry Road to Cress Parkway

Project Start Date:     Week of June 1, 2015

Project End Date:       July 1, 2015

Your patience and cooperation with this project is much appreciated. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the following parties:

Hiawatha Public Works Department






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