Hiawatha Economic Development Corporation

Hiawatha Economic Development Corporation (HEDCO) - is a newly formed entity with a vision to further Hiawatha by encouraging economic development.

HEDCO will encourage development by engaging prospective businesses more completely, by marketing the community, by more completely identifying resources, and by creating public-private partnerships on key projects.

HEDCO consists of a 14 member board: 1 Council Member, 11 business leaders, and 2 developers. Each of their goals is to consistently maintain and sustain current commercial businesses and to promote new commercial development in areas the City of Hiawatha lacks.

Why is it important to encourage economic development?

The cost and quality of life for residents is dependent on local economic conditions. By encouraging development in Hiawatha instead of one of the many alternatives, revenue is created to fund local services.

Why is another entity needed to encourage economic development?

Hiawatha is blessed to be part of a group of communities that are so involved in development, so encouraging economic development is not a new idea in Hiawatha. HEDCO will focus on issues important to Hiawatha while supporting broader efforts.

How do I get involved in HEDCO?

If you have suggestions or questions regarding HEDCO, please don't hesitate to call City Hall or contact the following Board Members.

Additional Economic Development Partners