For Alliant Energy customers call 1-800-822-4348 or email them at customercare@alliantenergy.com. For R.E.C customers call 319-377-1587 or visit the R.E.C. website. Please leave the specific address or location of the light pole.

Call City Hall at 319-393-1515. The City does not pick up dead animals on private property.

Streets are plowed on a priority basis. Snow routes which are listed under the snow and ice control section are plowed and sanded first. When snow is falling, crews will concentrate on the snow routes until the snow stops. Then all other streets will be plowed. If you feel your street was missed, call 319-393-6601 or 319-393-1515.

Purchase your new mailbox and/or post and bring the receipt to City Hall for reimbursement. The City will reimburse property owners up to $50 for a mailbox and/or post that was hit by a snow plow. The City will not install the mailbox for you.

Under normal snow conditions snow routes and residential intersections will be treated with a sand/salt mixture. During ice storms all streets will be treated with sand or sand/salt. If you feel that your street needs sanded, call 319-393-6601 or 319-393-1515.

Call a plumber to check your service line out to the city main. If this does not solve the problem call Public Works at 319-393-6601 or City Hall at 319-393-1515. After hours call Hiawatha Police Dept. at 319-393-1212.

First, open windows for ventilation. Then pour water in all floor drains. This will fill the trap that prevents sewer smell from coming up through the drain. If the smell is still present call a local plumber.

Call 319-393-6601 and leave your address. We will compile a list and repair these areas in the spring with topsoil and seed. We do not install new sod.

Call Hiawatha Water Dept. at 319-393-5556. After 5pm call Hiawatha Police Dept. at 319-393-1212.

Call City Hall at 319-393-1515. After 5 p.m. call 319-393-1515 Ext. 220. If a stop sign is missing, call 319-393-1212 after 5 p.m.

It is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to keep trees in the right of way trimmed to a height of eight (8) feet above the sidewalk and fifteen (15) feet above the street. The city will remove any dead or diseased tree that is in the right of way. Call 319-393-6601 or 319-393-1515.

Project information is available on our website under Engineering or you can call Public Works at 319-393-6601 or Engineering at 319-393-1515 X511.

Call 319-393-6601 or 319-393-1515 X211. The city has a Capital Improvement Plan where we plan street repair projects. We will be able to tell you if your street is on our current list. If it's not on the list we will evaluate it for future repairs. Some repairs we can do with city crews while bigger projects have to be contracted out.

After each storm event, the city will assess the damage and make a determination whether we are going to do a city-wide pick up. Citizens will be notified by press release, website and email/text alerts. You can call 319-393-1515.