Join the Hiawatha Fire Department

Online Application

What we expect of you:

  1. Minimum of 18 years old
  2. Have a valid Iowa Drivers License
  3. Have a clear criminal record and satisfactory background checks
  4. Attend monthly training sessions
  5. Be on a rotating on call schedule
  6. Possess a desire to help your community

What we offer you:

  1. A commitment to safety (yours and the public's)
  2. Some of the best firefighting equipment available
  3. County, state and regional fire and EMS training opportunities
  4. Worker's compensation coverage
  5. Employee health program including annual health checks, vaccinations, and fitness club reimbursement
  6. Excellent in-house fire and EMS training opportunities
  7. Participation in the National Registry of EMT's and the opportunity to become a nationally certified firefighter
  8. Participation in the Firefighter's Length of Service Award Program
  9. Membership in a well-trained, progressive organization with the opportunity to develop new friends
  10. An opportunity to participate and help the community
  11. An annual awards banquet

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, contact Chief Matt Powers during the day at the station at 319-393-4180. Or, stop by the station during one of our training meetings. We meet at 7 PM on the second Tuesday of each month. You can also visit the online application to apply.


Fire Service Exploring is a worksite-based program for young men and women who have completed the eighth grade and are 14 years of age, or 15 years of age but have not yet reached their 21st birthday.

Fire Service Explorer posts help youth gain insight into a variety of programs that offer hands-on career activities. For young men and women who are interested in careers in the field of fire service, Exploring offers experiential learning with lots of fun-filled, hands-on activities that promote the growth and development of adolescent youth.

Explorers gain hands-on knowledge of fire service skills through organized training meetings. The training meetings serve two purposes. The short-term goal of the training is to provide the explorers with a basic understanding of the skills necessary to operate safely at a fire scene. After becoming familiar with certain required skills, explorers may ride along with fire department and actively participate at calls within limits set for their safety. The long-term goal of the meetings is to expose explorers to the different career paths available within the fire service. The training may include fire behavior classes, ladder and hose handling classes, basic medical skills training, an introduction to rope rescue, etc. The post tries to schedule at least one live fire exercise a year when the separate skills taught at meetings are exercised in an environment that is as realistic as possible.

Senior explorers also have the responsibility of operating the post. Post officers are elected annually by their peers to serve in different capacities that are similar to those of the fire department's. For example, the explorer chief oversees all of the operations of the post and an explorer assistant chief is responsible for assisting the organization of training.

If you are interested in joining the Explorer post contact the fire station at 319-393-4180.