Hiawatha has three ambulances. All three were built by Lifeline Emergency Vehicles in Sumner, Iowa. They are equipped to provide advanced life support to sick and injured patients. They are capable of transporting several patients at the same time and have the ability to care for both adult and pediatric patients.

Truck 1

Truck 1 is not just a "Hook and Ladder" truck. It serves a variety of functions both at fires and auto accidents. Besides it's 75 foot ladder, it can pump up to 2000 GPM, carries over 1000 feet of hose, and has room for 6 firefighters. It also carries a set of "Jaws" to use when extrication is necessary.

Engine 286

Engine 286 was delivered late in 2003 and went in-service in Early 2004. It combined the roles of two other older trucks that it replaced. It carries 1500 gallons of water, can pump 2000 gallons per minute, and carries up to six firefighters. With the equipment on 286, firefighters can quickly attack most types of fires.

Engine 285

The 1989 Pierce Pumper was built in Appleton, Wisconsin. It carries 750 Gallons of water and has a 1500 GPM pump. It can carry up to 5 firefighters. It serves as the second engine on structure fires and also responds automatically into Cedar Rapids for structure fires near Hiawatha on the northeast side.