Contact Community Development Department at 319-393-1515 X229 for information on flood plains.

Street lights can be installed by the utility company with approval of the Council. Please contact the City Clerk at 319-393-1515 X526.

Contact Engineering Department at 319-393-1515 X511.

For traffic count data please call the Engineering Department at 319-393-1515 X511.

There are many street and utility construction projects going on in North Center Point Road initiated by either private development or by the City Capital Improvement Program. For further information about these and other types of street utility projects, contact the Public Works Department at 319-393-6601.

In order to find the exact location of your property line, please contact a licensed surveyor.

For water, sewer, or storm drainage utility information, please call the Public Works Department at 319-393-6601. To have utilities located in advance of digging or construction work, call the Utilities Underground Locating Service (One-Call) at 811.

The Hiawatha Community Development Department can review Code and Subdivision Ordinance requirements for public improvements and on-site storm drainage requirements that need to be installed in order for subdivision of property to occur. Contact the Community Development Department at 319-393-1515 X229. We can assist you in determining the improvements needed for your property.

No. Storm water is conveyed directly to creeks, streams, without treatment. Sanitary sewer is collected and is treated at the Cedar Rapids Wastewater Treatment Facility and then discharged to the Cedar River.

No. Biodegradable does not mean the product is non-toxic to aquatic life.

It's the homeowner's responsibility to maintain their sewer lateral to the point it connects to the public sewer in the street.

It is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to trim tree branches to a height of eight (8) feet above the sidewalk and fifteen (15) feet above the street.

You are responsible for clearing your sidewalk within 24 hours of the cessation of a snow or ice event.

You may store your snow in the parking adjacent to your property. You may not store snow from your property on another person's property, the street right of way or the parking in front of someone else's property.

Community development has guidelines for permit requirements. The guidelines can be viewed here.

A zoning map can be viewed here. For allowable uses for each zone view the Hiawatha Unified Development Code view the City Codes and Ordinances . Call the Community Development Department for the latest updates and for any related questions.

Setbacks vary based on the zone in which you are located. Contact Community Development for assistance in determining the proper Zoning District and for researching the corresponding setbacks. Also a map of the zoning districts can be viewed here and the setback information can be viewed in the Hiawatha Unified Development code in the City Codes and Ordinances.