History Videos Are Online

The Hiawatha History Committee has put together a collection of videos to share the history of the City of Hiawatha with enthusiasts around the world.

The videos are a compilation of interviews conducted with individuals who have history on Hiawatha and photos the History Committee has been collecting over the years.

The link to the History Committee videos is now on the Hiawatha website. You can find the videos by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the Government tab in the white navigation bar on the main page of the Hiawatha website.
  2. Click on the Boards and Commissions link.
  3. Click on the History Committee tab at the top of the page, under Boards & Commissions header.
  4. Click on the History Committee Videos link under History Committee interviews. This link will take you to the History Committee YouTube Channel.
  5. Click on the YouTube channel link under the title: Hiawatha Iowa History Committee’s YouTube videos to access the full collection of history videos.

Enjoy the show!

Author: hiawatha_admin