North Center Point Road/Emmons Street/Robins Road Intersection Improvement Phase II Construction

The east side of the Emmons/Robins/North Center Point Road intersection reconstruction project is almost complete. We had a scheduling meeting on Friday, August 25 to plan for the final stage of the project, the Robins Road repaving. The schedule for closing Robins Road is Monday, September 11, 2017. We will contact the businesses and prepare a press release to notify all agencies of the detour route.

We plan to have the existing contractor working on the Emmons Street/Robins Road/North Center Point Road to do the repainting of North Center Point Road north of the new intersection to Boyson Road starting September 11, 2017. The existing paving north of Emmons Street will provide sufficient width for a three lane section and two bike lanes 6.5 feet wide and a three foot buffer area on each side. The proposed
painting plan includes removing all the existing lines and symbols and painting of the lines for the new lane
configuration. The roadway will be repainted and opened at the same time we open the new intersection.

The work includes a new traffic signal, new street lights, new bike trail and landscaping along the curbs and
sidewalks. The project completion date is November 2017.

Any questions can be directed to the City Engineer at