Scheduled Fire Department Training may affect your Sunday Commute

Hiawatha Fire Department will be training at the vacant house located at 2112 Robins Road, this week. The trainings are scheduled to take place on September 28th and October 3rd.

On October 3rd, the training will consist of live fires set inside the house in order to simulate real house fire conditions. At the end of the training the department will set a fire to completely destroy the house.

Hiawatha Fire Department takes enormous steps to avoid the fire causing unwanted damage to adjacent structures.  They do not foresee any danger to any of the surrounding properties from the fire.  They will flow a considerable amount of water during the actual burning of the house to keep the fire under control.  This may cause a drop in water pressure and some discoloration in the water during this time.

Because this structure is located on a major arterial street, the city will be closing Robins Road while the Fire Department trains on October 3rd. The Road will be closed from the northern most access to Bali Hai Trailer Court (Tiki Terrace Road) to Tower Terrace Road.  Access to local traffic will be maintained for the properties north of the training site. We anticipate that during the times the department is training and especially on October 3rd, large amounts of smoke will be visible in the area.  It is advisable that you keep your doors and windows shut during the times they are conducting the training.

This training is essential for the Fire Department to be able to provide great fire protection and public safety services to the community.  The department has acquired the appropriate permits and strives to conduct the training session in a safe manner.   The department apologizes in advance for any inconvenience that this training may cause.

Following the fire, the property owner will finish cleaning up of the property.

If you have any questions you may contact Chief Matt Powers at 319-393-4180.