We are looking for Hiawatha’s next Holiday Tree

City of Nampa seeks Christmas tree donation WE ARE LOOKING FOR NAMPAS CHRISTMAS TREE The City of Nampa Parks and Forestry Division is looking for the official Christmas tree for the upcoming holiday season. Re (1)The City of Hiawatha Parks and Recreation Department is looking for the official Holiday tree for the 2023 season. Residents who are willing to donate a 20 foot or taller pine or spruce tree to be displayed at the Village Center Plaza are encouraged to call 319-393-1515.
The tree will be removed and transported to the Village Center Plaza and decorated for the 2023 holiday season. The official tree lighting will be held on Thursday, November 30, 2023. A brief history of the tree will also be presented.
This service is completely free of charge and includes the removal of the tree.
Please keep in mind the following guidelines:
The tree should be at least 20’ or taller.
The tree must be an evergreen, pine or spruce tree.
The tree must be close to a main road for easy access for removal and transportation.
Trees will be reviewed by the City and selected from the donation list.
Other factors such as shape and how full the tree is may be considered.
For questions or tree donations, please contact the Parks Department at: 319-393-1515.