We’re Ready for the Next Steps – 2018 Housing Fund Grant Rehabilitation Program

Housing Rehabilitation surveys are complete ECICOG has the determined the area is south of West Clark Street to Blairsferry Road and then from 4th Avenue to our east city boundary lines to C Avenue meets the low to moderate income (LMI) levels.

Now that we know this area meets the LMI criteria we are ready to see how many owner-occupied homeowners are interested in the possibility of obtaining housing rehabilitation assistance. For the city to move forward with such an application we need you!

The owner occupied housing rehabilitation is a grant awarded to a city through a competitive application process that assists low to moderate income (LMI) homeowners with repairs on their property to meet minimum housing standards and address lead hazard concerns. The grant would provide an owner-occupied homeowner five-year forgivable loan in the amount of $24,999 in general repairs and an additional $7,500 for lead reduction work if necessary. Housing rehabilitation programs are designed to assist homeowners with repairs such as siding, roofing, windows, plumbing & electrical work, and other items as eligible.


  • Reside in and own the home for which you are
    seeking rehabilitation funds for 1 year
  • Live within the Target Area (map shown below)LMI Area (003)
  • Fall at or below the 2017 federal household income guidelines (table shown below)

2016 Federal Household Income Guidelines for Linn County

2016 Federal Household Income
If you are interested and live in the 2018 Housing Rehabilitation designated area please contact Pat Parsley at pparsley@hiawatha-iowa.com, 319-393-1515 ext. 229 or Kim Downs at kdowns@hiawatha-iowa.com, 319-393-1515 ext. 523.