Friendly Reminder from Hiawatha Public Works

Toilets are not Trash Cans

A friendly reminder from Hiawatha Public Works:
Flushable wipes are NOT flushable. This is important to know every day but especially right now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have bought any of the following, the toilet is not a trash can, so do not flush:
• Baby wipes
• Kitchen cleaning/disinfecting wipes
• Makeup removal pads
• Paper towels
• Tissues/Kleenex
• Flushable wipes
• Toilet brush pads
• Disposable diapers or nursing pads
• Feminine hygiene products
• Personal care products

These items will clog your sewer pipes and the City sewer mains. This will create all kinds of problems!

For more information on what not to flush visit: