Robins Road Corridor Planning Study Update

“The Robins Road corridor has the potential to be a community asset and example of how thoughtful design and future planning can reinvigorate Hiawatha. The corridor does not currently create a great first impression for the community. It doesn’t represent the character of a thriving mix-use corridor, the presence of significant professional corporations and industries, or community pride.”                         (Planning Submittal, Bolton & Menk 2018)

 The City of Hiawatha has determined Robins Road is a key component of the creation of a “downtown” within the community and is in need of public improvements. To address these issues a study has been commissioned to plan the revitalization of the area along Robins Road from Boyson Road to the new intersection at North Center Point Road.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION AND INPUT: The study process includes a steering committee made up of the general public, affected property owners, elected officials and city staff who have been meeting monthly with design representatives from Bolton & Menk. This group has been appointed to provide feedback and give direction to the design team.

Along with the steering committee input, opportunities for the general public interaction have been created through public meetings and internet comment availability. The introductory open house was in December and the progress open house is in February with a final plan recommendation to be presented on May 16th from 5:00PM to 7:00PM in the lower level of Hiawatha City Hall. For those who choose the internet option, the public can find the Robins Road Study information link on the City of Hiawatha web site;  and are invited to comment on the associated link;

Join us as we continue to advance our “Beautiful Hiawatha” vision!

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