Restrictions on Recreational Fires Lifted in Hiawatha

Sufficient headway has been made on the reduction of storm debris within the City of Hiawatha that the restriction on recreational fires within the City of Hiawatha can be lifted, effective 9/23/20.  A recreational fire is described as an outdoor fire burning charcoal, propane, or untreated wood in an outdoor fire pit, outdoor fireplace, portable outdoor fireplace, or grill and has a fuel area less than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height, for purposes of cooking, warmth, pleasure, or similar purpose.

The following guidelines have applied in the past and will continue to apply to recreational fires.

  1. Fires must be attended at all times
  2. There must be a means of extinguishment near the fire, such as a garden hose or fire extinguisher.
  3. Burn only clean dry wood.  Most storm debris is still “wet” and will produce considerable smoke. The burning of construction debris is specifically prohibited.
  4. Fire must be 25 feet from a structure, 15 feet if contained in a commercial container with a screen and lid or in a properly constructed fireplace.
  5. The Fire area can be no larger than 36 inches in diameter and 24” in height.
  6. Your fire and smoke should not interfere with neighbors.  IE smoke should not drift across their property.
  7. The Fire Department has the right to order any fire extinguished if it does not meet this criteria, is deemed unsafe, or becomes a hazard.

The ban on all other types of fires, including the burning of storm and construction debris is prohibited, and fire department and law enforcement will continue strict enforcement of the rules regarding recreational fires.

This guidance applies only to citizens in the City of Hiawatha.  Residents of other communities should contact their fire department for guidance.