Hiawatha 2036 Comprehensive Plan Review Meeting 2

The City of Hiawatha has appointed a committee and has given approval to evaluate and update the City Comprehensive Plan 2036 to reflect the new standards for healthy neighborhoods, sustainability, diversity, inclusion and equity and update of the associated codes to maintain an enforceable and coordinated set of documents and regulations.

The basic process will include a presentation on healthy neighborhoods and sustainability, a review of the Comprehensive Plan and an evaluation of a recommendations to amend the plan.

To facilitate the process, we have made a seminar on healthy neighborhoods available for viewing. The presentation link: https://www.msa-ps.com/event/healthy-neighborhood-design-challenges/

All meeting notices will be posted in the city website for date, time and location. The material will also be available to the public on the Hiawatha website: https://www.towncloud.io/go/hiawatha-ia-cd/agendas/279. The public is welcome to review the material and to attend the meetings which is to be held at Hiawatha City Hall in the multi-purpose room in the lower level. The second meeting is scheduled for November 17, 2022 at 5:00PM.

Feel free to contact the Community Development Director with your comments or questions regarding the draft amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.

When the committee has completed their work; the plan recommendations will be considered by Council through the public hearing process. Notice of the public hearing will be published in advance of Council action as specified in State Statutes.