Storm Water Rate Increase

As our community ages and our infrastructure diminishes, it became necessary to establish a storm water enterprise revenue fund to help offset the cost of repairs and maintenance.

Each year, projects are included in the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) which is reviewed and approved by City Council. The CIP includes $287,000 of needs in FY22 and $475,000 of needs in FY23. The City cannot project beyond FY23 without increased revenues as the amount of work approved in FY22 and FY23 will extend out into FY24 and FY25.

The current program charges a flat rate of $3.75/meter for residential and $6.50/meter for commercial.

On June 16 the City Council held a public hearing and read Ordinance No. 955 amending chapter 101 storm water drainage systems $101.03 rates. The engineering department presented a plan with the Citizens Storm Water Committee’s recommendation to propose a five-year step increase.The proposed rate structure will bring in $350,000 annually.

The proposed monthly rate includes the following:

  • Residential homes: $4.25/meter flat rate
  • Mobile Home Parks: $3.75/meter flat rate
  • Commercial sites and apartments: $4.25/meter base rate plus an incremental $5.50/10,000 square foot of hard surface (impervious) area per month.

Example of commercial site:

    • Hard surface – 56,538 square foot

Proposed meter rate – $4.25 + $5.50*6 = $37.25/month

The proposed increase will provide storm sewer infrastructure projects in older neighborhood areas south of Boyson Road. Other capital projects include new storm sewer infrastructure at multiple locations; mitigating creek lines; storm sewer drainage study; reconstruct program of Northwood drainage basin; partial purchase of a leaf vacuum truck to eliminate residents bagging leaves and reduce street debris from entering into the existing storm sewer system; and other various projects. Each project is needed to help maintain our federal MS4 permit that is reviewed on an annual basis. Without the appropriate enterprise revenue fund, projects would need to be completed by increasing our property tax levy.

Second reading is set for July 7, 2021 at 5:30 pm with the potential to wave a third reading.

Questions specific to individual properties may be answer by contacting City Engineer, Jon Fitch at or City Manager, Kim Downs at